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Van Security Advice

Van crime in the UK is as prevalent as ever. Whether it is tools or goods being stolen from the van, damage from an attempted break in or the entire van being driven away, the effects to your business are usually devastating.

Unfortunately Van manufacturers don’t make the situation any easier, supplying sub-standard locking mechanisms and security loopholes that could barely keep out a draft let alone a determined professional criminal.

Fortunately there are plenty of van security solutions available to help keep your livelihoods safe and secure.


The Armaplate range of products namely Sentinel and Guardian are multipurpose purpose van security devices that fortify the vulnerable handle mechanisms on many types of van.

Not only this, Armaplate Sentinel & Guardian products offer a very strong visual deterrent to potential thieves but also effectively cover and repair the damage caused by an attack that has already happened, literally saving hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in spray-shop repair bills.

Both Armaplate products are easy to fit and considering the high level of van security they provide and the fact they can completely eliminate repair bills, they offer extremely good value for money.

Armaplate Sentinel is described by the manufacturer as “Ultra High Securty” whereas Armaplate Guardian is described as “Easy Fit” due to the fact it consists of a very high bond gasket and requires no tools to fit.

Van Deadlocks

Similar in operation to many street doors, van deadlocks offers an additional high security locking point on your van door operated by a simple turn of a key.

Van deadlocks can be fitted to any doors, including side sliding doors and are supplied keyed-alike (All doors operated by the same key). Van deadlocks offer a subtle yet powerful visual deterrent and are perfect for leaving your van overnight or for any period of time.

Van deadlocks can also be fitted alongside Armaplates, Van Slamlocks too and are completely independent from electrically operated central locking

Van Slamlocks

Perfect for multi-drop drivers or any tradesman that makes frequent trips too and from the van. slam locks bypass the factory fitted central locking and automatically lock the Van every time the door is slammed shut. Preventing the need to manually lock the van each and every time.

Not only does this save time, but also van slamlocks offers total peace of mind, from the dreaded “did I lock the van” OCD.

Armacat & Catshield

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise due to thieves cottoning on to the fact that they contain generous amounts of precious metals such as platinum.

The Armacat and Catshield products also by Armaplate, literally encases and locks the catalytic converter to the chasis of the Van, making removal of the catalytic converter much less inviting.

Considering the cost of new catalytic converter can be up to £2000, once again the ArmaCat and CatShield products offer fantastic value for money.

Ford Transit & Connect Loomguard

Despite the fact that Fords responded several years ago to the fact that some of their vehicles were susceptible to an attack that involved cutting the wiring loom in the rear doors, which deactivated the central locking. Thieves are still attempting this method and causing up to thousands of pounds in damage in the process.

The Ford Loomguard, literally shields the vulnerable wiring loom from such attacks, and it is our advice that if you own one of these vans, regardless of whether or not your van is susceptible to this type of attack, get one fitted! It is simply not worth the risk considering the extremely low cost of the product and ease in fitting it.

Where to buy?

Our partners vanlocks.co.uk and Van-Securty-Locks.co.uk offer the solutions you need to get your van secure.

Vanlocks.co.uk our the UK’s premier supplier of locks for vans and an authority on van security in general.

If you don't have the time or confidence to fit your own van locks, their sister company Van-Security-Locks.co.uk are one of the most established Van Security Specialists operating in the South East of England, fitting all types of van security products and offering the very best advice.


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